Carpet Cleaning in Peoria, AZ

Your carpet is one of the most valuable investments you have in your home, it is important to clean on a regular basis to prolong its life. We use powerful top of the line truck mounted units, and the best cleaning solutions available today to ensure your getting the best clean possible. First, we will pretreat all carpet areas paying special attention to heavily soiled areas or spots. We will agitate the pretreatment solution into the carpet at no extra charge. Lastly, we thoroughly rinse the carpet using a fiber rinse that leaves the carpet soft and fresh! Carpets typically take 4-6 hours to completely dry. A lot of the times your carpet will feel dry to the touch in just a hour or two. We are very successful at what we do and have a rock solid 100% satisfaction guarantee!



Upholstery Cleaning in Peoria, AZ

Our couches are one of the most used items in our home and often the most neglected. Tons of dust mites and skin cells invade our couches and many people don't realize that their couches can be cleaned by hot water extraction.  Bring new life to your old couches by having them steam cleaned today!



Stain Removal

Have a stubborn stain? We have many different stain removal techniques ranging from oxidizers for natural/organic stains to heat transfer process for synthetic dyed stains like kool-aid.





Tile & Grout Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Tile cleaning in Peoria, AZ- Tile cleaning often gets overlooked and people feel they can clean or mop themselves. Truth is you cannot come close to what a professional cleaner with professional equipment can. We recommend having your tile and grout cleaned once per year. On every job we pretreat all tile areas to be cleaned using the industry's best tile cleaners available. We will scrub any and all areas of concern or areas with heavy foot traffic. We then rinse the tile and grout with a tile spinner which produces 1,000 psi and 200 degree water. Fans are then placed to expedite the drying process.

Pet Treatment / Urine extraction

If your pet has had a accident on the carpet and now you are left with yellow smelly areas or spots, do not worry! It can be fixed! We use products that are specifically designed to tackle the toughest yellow spots and safely destroys any bacteria and odor. If the urine has penetrated the carpet pad or sub-floor we have a sub-floor extractor that can pull urine out of both the pad and carpet.



24/7 Flood Extraction

Have a hot water heater break in your home?  We can help you extract and dry the area to reduce/prevent damage to your home 24/7.

 Disclaimer: We are not  water damage or mold specialists. We strictly help remove the water and dry the area to attempt to avoid mold and further damage and can refer you to a reliable company to inspect your home if needed.